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Vehicle Asset Management

About Vehicle Asset Management

Asset Monitoring from Protrace Auto

Asset Monitoring from Protrace Auto

Vehicle Asset Management is now a massive sector within the motor trade. Almost any vehicle, asset or machine function can be monitored or in some cases activated or deactivated remotely by the operator.

Standard installations provide the user with the basic Vehicle Asset Management data. This data comprises of vehicle speed, location and engine on/off. This basic information can then be used to determine further events, such as vehicle start and finish time, verify delivery times and confirm overtime claims as well as schedule servicing and keep track of fuel consumption.

Other options include:

Driver identification.Each driver is allocated a specific touch key, when they start the vehicle a buzzer will sound, they touch the key on to a key pad to cancel the buzzer. The key number is then logged by the unit, verifying that specific driver is operating the vehicle.

PTO monitoring. We can connect in to your vehicles ancillary equipment such as tipper body, crane or tail lift and configure our unit to log every time the equipment is used. This can be invaluable for companies wanting to verify load counts or identifying when or where the load area was accessed.

Temperature monitoring. For temperature controlled vehicles, we can install temperature probes to monitor the temperature of refrigerated compartments. This is useful to verify temperature of produce on delivery or to alert operators if temperatures vary from set parameters. The operator can be alerted via SMS text or email.

Remote immobilisation. The operator can immobilise the vehicles starter circuit from their computer screen, meaning when the vehicle is next turned off it will not be able to be re-started.  This is popular with hire companies so they can avoid unpaid bills and keep close control of vehicles should they not be returned on time.

CAN Data. We can connect in to your vehicles CAN system, CAN is a digital code used to communicate with individual control units within the vehicle. Our systems can read this code providing information such as instant fuel consumption.

Driver Behaviour. Many companies now want to monitor their drivers performance. Protrace can supply systems to track how hard the driver of a vehicle is accelerating, cornering and braking. If this is combined with CAN Data integration (above), the operator can see exactly how their vehicle is being driven and how much fuel is being used. Some companies offer incentives for better driving, so staff members get a bonus for driving well and the company saves money on a reduced fuel bill, creating a win win situation.

Tachometer Data. For commercial vehicles we can connect to the vehicles Tachometer so the operator can see tacho data such as rest times and driving hours. This data can be viewed live or historical reports can be compiled.

All of the above functions are achievable on most vehicles, but some vehicles may not be compatible.

Vehicle asset management can provide the end user with invaluable information and reports, the savings in fuel alone can pay for a system within a year. Most operators see a saving of around 20% of running costs within the first year of use.



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