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Parking Sensors

 Parking Sensors

We supply and install a wide range of Parking Sensors, suitable for all kinds of vehicles.

We offer both Front or Rear options or can install both Front & Rear together.

Once installed, the sensors scan the surroundings in close proximity to the vehicle, if obstacles are detected the driver is warned. This warning can be either an audible beep that changes frequency according to distance from the obstacle, or also from a cabin mounted display that provides a visual warning. We are also  able to colour code any of our sensor kits to perfectly match the colour of your vehicle. We match our installations to the original manufacturers design to avoid any unsightly intrusion upon the aesthetics of the vehicle and to keep a “factory fit” look.

Front & Rear parking sensors
Front & Rear Parking Sensors

Supplied in matt or gloss black as standard, or colour coded to match the manufacturers paint code, our parking sensor kits are designed to integrate with your vehicle to provide a reliable and useful parking aid, whilst not spoiling the aesthetics of your car.

Prices start from £230.00 including installation

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Front Sensors

Many vehicles are supplied now with rear parking sensors fitted as standard, however the front sensors are still an optional extra. We are able to supply and install a range of sensors to suit your vehicle, providing you with all round safety and confidence whilst manoeuvring.

Prices start from £160.00 including installation

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Rear Sensors

The reversing sensors we offer are available in black as standard or we can colour code them to exactly match the paint colour of your car . Four sensors mounted in the rear bumper detect obstacles and warn the driver by an audible beep. As the obstacle becomes closer, the beep becomes more rapid until it is a constant tone at which point the obstacle will be very close.

Prices start from £140.00

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